Zazzle is a POD (Print On-Demand) company. Shopkeepers (like me) create designs and select which products to sell them on. Shoppers (like you) can then optionally further customize the designs with personal text or images for a truly unique item.

Each time one of my products sells I earn a small royalty. If the sale occurs because I led the shopper to Zazzle from an outside link I earn a referral bonus. It is that referral bonus that makes this venture worthwhile so to that end I have created this website.
You can browse all of my designs from this site just as you could from my store-front on Zazzle itself, but clicking through to my products from these pages ensures I earn the referral bonus (which I should state, does not add anything to the cost of the product for you).
Clicking on an item here opens the product's page on Zazzle in a new tab where you can read the full details, choose to customize it, and add it to your cart. You can then close that tab and continue browsing from this site and if you add anything else, Zazzle will remember you and when you are ready to check out on Zazzle, all of your items will be in your cart.
If you like what you see and would like to bookmark my shop, I ask that you bookmark this page rather than my actual store link on Zazzle. Thank You.

I have ordered many of my own products, from shirts to pillows to postcards, and have never been disappointed. The print quality has always been superb with crisp text and vivid color that accurately reflects what is shown in the product previews. And if for some reason you are not happy with your purchase, Zazzle has a "100% Satisfaction Guaranteed" policy that they are known to stand by.

All of my designs are my own unique creations stemming from photographs I took or graphics I made from scratch. I clearly lean towards the bold & bright, designing for items I would like in my own home, but I also take requests for custom designs. If you are looking for customized products for yourself, your group, or your small business, feel free to shoot me an Email